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Well, for sure we are NOT YOUR AVERAGE ICE CREAM TRUCK, LOL. Regular ice cream trucks are famous for not showing up to your event, most times are late, don't have the product they advertise, run out of product halfway through your event, are not prepared, have no business ethics, no professionalism, no communication skills, a bad attitude, and no hygiene. IN FACT, 27.3% to 29.1% of our customers come from dissatisfied clients every year. Jeeeesh.  And if that was not enough! did you know that they only carry 20-35 ice cream selections at most?.  That is completely BORING!. :(


Magicle Ice Cream CARRIES 100+ PREMIUM Ice Cream Bars, Cones, and Sandwiches. How about that? lol.  There is nothing boring in our extensive menu selection. Think of us as an Ice Cream Truck on STEROIDS, but much cleaner, more ethical, more professional and more oriented to 100% customer satisfaction.  Why?, because we attend you OUR SELVES (Sidney & Katia),  that's right!, NO Employees, No middle man, and NO JOKE.


You are dealing with the OWNERS and NOT EMPLOYEES. From scheduling, generating your quote, customizing your favorite Magicle package to fit your budget, to attending your guests the day of the event, Yeah, it's all US. For God's sake, we are so serious about "All US", that we designed our own logo, design our marketing materials, take our own professional pictures with our Canon and we even designed and made this very own website, LOL.  




We bring the SURPRISE FACTOR to your event with our 100+ Premium Ice Cream Selections that impresses your guests who then start showing enormous signs of happiness. The happiness that creates unstoppable smiles and giggling, while having great fun which turns into an unforgettable day for years to come and much appreciation and recognition to the wonderful HOST.


 Who doesn't love to smile?, Who doesn't love to have a good time and who doesn't love Ice Cream?,  Who doesn't love entertaining their guest to the BEST experience during summer season?,  a company treating their employees to a 100+ Flavors selection summer invasion or a school treating the children to an Ice  Cream Day or maybe surprising your kids with Magicle Ice Cream at their birthday party. Who Doesn't?


WE DO, AND WE KNOW YOU TOO...  So have us at your next party, school fun day, Corporate "Employee Ice Cream Day", Birthday party, Summer Camp, Block party, Corporate Picnic, Marketing Event, Family Reunion, Fundraiser, Day Care School Event, Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs, Communion, Baptism, Cocktail Party, Engagement Pary, Sporting Event, Festival, Parade, Wedding Reception, Graduation, Reunion, Launch Party, Grand Opening Event, Photo Shoot, Movie or Music Video rental, Church event and more... 

Enough about Magicle ICE CREAM,  I guess you also want to know a little about our personal lives, who is Sidney & Katia San, or how we got into this FUN business, right? 




Sidney San, Entrepreneur. Studied Business Administration & Network Administration. Has worked for major corporations like AT&T, SeaLand, Chase, EZPASS and Counter Revolution now known as CONSENTINO SileStone. Happily married husband in the name of God since 2004. Katia Ramirez de San, Entrepreneur, studied Industrial Engineering minor in Logistics. Has worked for major corporations like Sara Lee, BarelyThere, Hanes Brands, Computer Network Solutions SRL. and PayLess. Happily married wife in the name of God since 2004.  YES, we are married to each other. LOL.




Well, funny you might ask. mmmm, It all started with a visit from one of our bests of friends to our home, Mr. Ramon Taveras back in 2011.  Katia and me (now you know who's writing, lol) were looking for an alternative business to bring cash flow into our Electronic Wholesale business (Yes we have another business).   After going through various ideas that day, Ramon changed the subject for a second and commented on how his Landlord was always home and it was kind of annoying. 


I asked him, what do you mean?, your Landlord doesn't work? what she does for a living?, and he answered; "she sells Ice Cream in an Ice Cream Truck". I laughed (Yeah, I know, don't say anything, lol) and I said, but what does she do during the winter? He said, she does nothing, this is why she is always home.


Then Ramon told us, maybe you can try an Ice Cream Truck business during summer time. I told him I was thinking the same thing, but I have no idea on what income does that bring. I went ahead and did some research and almost found nothing to grasp on to make a decision, but I found a very nice Ice Cream Truck searching online, loved it so much that I made a drastic move.  It had been 3 weeks since Ramon was at our home visiting us and he had no idea,  but we had gone and purchased our selves an Ice Cream Truck. When he visited again, we showed him our driveway and his expression was; "Are You Serious". lol.


We started officially working in 2012. After fixing up the truck, getting Health permits, Food Permits, Licenses, police records, suppliers, business insurance, business bank accounts, software, phone lines, website, social media accounts, marketing materials, promoting, advertising and getting customers. We can officially say that this "LETS TEST HOW IT GOES" temporary business has given us lots of new friends, lots of fun, Lots of WORK (LOL) but most importantly we have created LOTS & LOTS OF SMILES and HAPPY FAMILIES and after 6 years and growing, we are definitely HOOKED on all the smiles and LOVING IT!.








Magicle Ice Cream
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
NJ Ice Cream Truck Rental and Ice cream Truck for parties
Katia & Sidney San
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